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Mr. SUBHASH SINGH SALARIA born and bred at Gurdaspur (Punjab). At a very young age he moved to Mumbai and worked in various Security Agencies for about 15 years. Set up SAFE SECURITY SERVICES during the year 1995.

SAFE grew rapidly and is today leader in the Security field especially in providing security services in Mumbai. We are capable of meeting all security needs providing reliable & cost effective security solutions to its clients for the protection of life & property.
SUMIT SAFE SECURITY we believe that 'Value for money' and 'Quality of Service' are the two most important things our customers look for and we aim to deliver both. By understanding our customer's needs we are able to link them to a unique 'value chain' which is specific to that customer and their security service requirements.

Further refinement of our security services are achieved by understanding the various market segments where specialized security knowledge is required such as in the Banking and finance, Transport and Retail Sectors. In addition we understand that larger customers have different needs to smaller customers and by still further refinement of our security services we are able to focus closer on the requirements of both large and small customers to provide yet more efficient and cost effective solutions.

At SUMIT SAFE we believe that our people are our most important asset and we ensure that we attract the right people by consistently offering 'Industry Leading Employment Packages'. Once recruited, we aim to retain our staff by providing high quality training and development aligned with clear and challenging career opportunities.
Affiliated with Ex-Servicemen league Mumbai, where our security personnel are provided with physical/ Classroom training to fulfill the requirement under Private Security and Regulation Act, 2005.
Also affiliated with Association of Investigators & Security Agencies.
  • Consolidation of business
  • Sustained growth
  • Expansion of business and opening of new branches.

  • Transparent healthy work environment to verify individual performance to provide opportunities for growth and developments.
  • To provide committed ethical, efficient, reliable and cost effective services to the clients.
The Security Services in Mumbai has undergone significant changes in recent times with the regulation of the Home Ministry. SUMIT SAFE has been at the forefront of those companies providing security services in mumbai who have worked with the approved Agencies helping to form the standards that will drive the industry forward in the coming years. Now there is a number of approved contractors with their respective security services in Mumbai who can comply with all the parameters and standards associated with licensing. SUMIT SAFE is prominent company providing security services in Mumbai.

SUMIT SAFE is fully compliant with all relevant Maharashtra Rules & Regulations for providing security services in Mumbai.

In summary our customers expect the very highest standards from the largest security supplier and through our core values of 'Integrity , Vigilance and helpfulness' we at SUMIT SAFE aim to meet and exceed those expectations.

The Security Leaders

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-: We have highly trained staff available that implement security measures around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site.